BLADE University: A Fresh Approach to Knife Education

Learn wire inlay from ABS master smith Joe Keeslar at BLADE University
ABS master smith Joe Keeslar will teach wire inlay at BLADE University.

Learn knives as only the legends and masters can teach them at the new BLADE University at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta. BLADE U. will begin a day before the June 6-8 BLADE Show and end June 7.

Learn wire inlay from ABS master smith Joe Keeslar at BLADE University
ABS master smith Joe Keeslar will teach wire inlay at BLADE University.

A whole new approach to the knife show seminar concept, BLADE University consists of a series of classes under separate headings that are guaranteed to entertain, enlighten and educate you on your favorite subject.

Let industry knifemaking gurus Chris Reeve, Jerry Fisk, Jerry Busse, Tony Bose and Bill Harsey show you how they approach the knife design process in five separate classes under the heading of “Knife Designs of The Masters.” Learn how to inlay wire in knife handles and sheaths from ABS master smith Joe Keeslar in a two-part segment of “Knives The ABS Way” that also will include classes on the design concept of “Line and Flow,” and a demonstration of how applicants test for ABS journeyman and master smith—and how they are judged in the process.

Are you into collecting the knives of such legends as Bob Loveless, Bill Moran, Bo Randall and Jim Schmidt but don’t know what to look for or how? Purveyors Gary Clinton, Dave Ellis and Maj. Louis Chow will show you the way in three separate classes under the heading of “Collecting the Knives of The Legends.”

Engraving is a technique more and more knifemakers are learning to embellish their work and enable them to offer a sole-authorship product. It’s also a great way to embellish your knives in your spare time at home. Learn how the pros do it in “GRS Engraving Instruction,” a complete classroom experience that covers design, art work elements, scribing lines, using engraving tools and understanding how they work, and more.

Finally learn how to do the Japanese handle wrap, all about sword fittings and temper lines, what to look for when buying a Japanese sword and proper sword care/maintenance from two of the world’s leading Japanese sword makers, Wally Hayes and Wally Hostetter, in three separate classes all under the heading of “All About Japanese Swords.”

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