Anti-Knife Insanity Victimizes Georgia Teenager


In yet another example of anti-knife insanity, Jack Persyn, 13, was in chess club before class when he discovered a short knife in the bag he brought to his Georgia school. The teen was severely punished after reporting that he accidently brought the knife to school.

     Persyn’s aunt had bought the bag from a yard sale, and gave the purchase to the teen without checking inside first. After Persyn told his Lanier Middle School teacher that he accidentally brought the weapon to class, the teen received four days of in-school suspension, a punishment his father Bill Persyn says is excessive.


     “There was never a safety issue,” Persyn told WXIA. “No harm was done. It was a genuine, honest mistake, yet he got pulled out of class for four days. I can see a one-hour detention if they had to do something, but this is nonsensical.”

      Full story with video here:


      So, what was the lesson this impressionable teen has learned from this experience? It certainly wasn’t that he should be honest in future dealings with his teachers or authorities.

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      John Howard, a staff writer for HUMAN EVENTS, penned a very good commentary on this incident, well worth the read:Â

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