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3 Things to Do if You’re Arrested for a (Possible) Knife Crime

Merely because you possess or carry a knife, knife law enforcers may try to justify their existence by turning you into an accused “law-abiding” criminal.

Know Your Knife Rights

In Knife Laws Of The U.S., Evan F. Nappen answers questions about what knives are legal to own and carry in each state, and which aren't.
AKTI tackles auto bans, among others.

Pro-Knife Effort Will Be Increased

An increased push to repeal anti-knife laws and pass pro-knife ones on the federal and state levels will be the focus of AKTI's pro-knife effort in 2016.
Newton ancient ivory knife.

Ivory Ban Opponents Make Advances

Ivory ban opponents in Massachusetts and New Jersey made advances in the fight to save legal ivory last week in separate committee hearings.

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Knife Law Reform Bill

A Knife Law Reform Bill, including Knife Law Preemption, AB 142, has passed the Wisconsin Assembly by a voice vote, according to Knife Rights and kniferights.org.
Brady and ivory.

Help Fight 1 Percenters’ Ban-All-Ivory Law

A ban-all-ivory law targeting all elephant and mammoth, mastodon and other extinct species in Washington state needs your help to defeat it.

Is There Knife Law Common Sense?

On September 30, 2015, the AKTI presented Senators Mike Enzi, R-WY, and Ron Wyden, D-OR, with the "Common Sense Award." The award is designed to honor Members of Congress who have worked across party lines to further common sense legislation.

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