Know Your Knife Rights

Know Your Knife Rights

“I heard that I’m only allowed to carry knives with 3 1/2-inch blades or shorter in my state, is that true?”

“I carry a 4-inch drop-point fixed blade when hunting, but I’m traveling to Minnesota this season, can I carry it there?”T8746

“Someone told me I can carry an auto in Michigan now, can that be right?”

Good questions, all of them, and as silly as it might be that we have to ask such questions when it comes to carrying tools as utilitarian and downright useful as knives, that’s the world we live in. There are very few “firsts” in the knife industry, but one of them is the first and most comprehensive book ever published on federal and state knife laws. Knife Laws Of The U.S. By Evan F. Nappen answers questions about what knives are legal to own and carry in each state, and which aren’t. It delves into switchblades, ballistic and gravity knives and others, and even explains what to do and what not to do if you are arrested with a knife.

A nationally-known knife and gun rights attorney, Nappen has dedicated his life to fighting for gun and knife rights. Having practiced law since 1988, he was one of the first attorneys to ever get a federal injunction against a state gun law. He has written and produced DVDs, and authored a number of gun rights books, as well as numerous articles that have appeared in national magazines. Now he’s written THE book on knife rights. Knife Laws Of The U.S. is a good one to have, and with you, at all times, no mater where you go while carrying a knife!

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