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Three Ways to Support Knife Law Changes

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) sent an email blast detailing three ways knife enthusiasts can support good, solid, pro-knife law changes.

Loss of Knife Rights, New York

Doug Ritter of KnifeRights.org shared information about articles New York Village Voice reporter Jon Campbell wrote condemning the persecution of knife owners in New York City.

Website Details Knife Laws By State

The American Knife and Tool Institute launched a revised website, www.AKTI.org, with accurate information about the laws that impact knife businesses and owners in every state.

Switchblade Law Repeal Goes Into Effect

Knife Rights, Inc. declared July 1, 2014, "Knife Freedom Day" in Tennessee. The repeal of the ban on automatics or switchblades, as well as the repeal...

Knife Rights Offers Knife Law App

Now you can download an app that includes knife laws for all 50 states on your iPad, iPhone or other handheld or personal devices....

Good News for Knife Rights

Three headlines in a recent "Knife Rights" organization email newsletter bode well for Americans' own knife rights. The three headlines read: "Tennessee Switchblade Ban and...

Protect People Traveling With Knives

The bill is also known as the "Knife Owner's Protection Act of 2014," or KOPA, and will allow citizens to transport knives over state lines for lawful purposes.

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