Three Ways to Support Knife Law Changes

Three Ways to Support Knife Law Changes

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) sent an email blast detailing three ways knife enthusiasts can support good, solid, pro-knife law changes. They are:

1)  Follow AKTI’s Legislative News and be prepared to act when asked. Here’s just a peek at what’s already happening:

  •  Nevada – Sen. Don Gustavson is sponsoring AKTI’s bill to remove the prohibitions on autos, dirks, daggers, and make state law rule over cities.
  •  New York – Clarifying gravity knives is a priority and will be re-introduced next session.
  •  Texas – Legalize bowie knives (finally!) and include state preemption over municipalities
  •  Federal – Interstate Transport of Knives (Knife Owner’s Protection Act) – Sen. Enzi has agreed to re-introduce AKTI’s bill to allow knife owners to travel from state to state without concern of violating laws.

buck-boxed-12)  Bid on AKTI’s online auction. Proceeds go to the AKTI Legislative Fund. Awesome Opportunity!! Buck 110 50th Anniversary Set 

You have an awesome opportunity to own a limited edition four-knife set of Buck 110’s commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the iconic knife. Thanks to the generosity of Buck Knives, you can bid (until Nov. 30th) on AKTI’s online auction to own one of the few remaining sets. Help support AKTI’s Legislative efforts and bid today!

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3)  Encourage others to sign up for AKTI’s free Grassroots newsletter.

Knife owners, makers, retailers and others willing to contact legislators when asked by email are important for the knife community to be heard and change to happen. Ask your employees, customers, friends and contacts to visit for why it’s important.

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