Protect People Traveling With Knives


The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) reports that, in an effort to encourage consistent knife laws from state to state, the organization has been working with U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) to introduce U.S. Senate Bill S. 1955 last week (January 20th-24th.)

The bill, co-sponsored by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), is also known as the “Knife Owner’s Protection Act of 2014,” or KOPA, and will allow citizens to transport knives over state lines for lawful purposes, even when state or local restrictions would otherwise prohibit possession of that specific type of knife or length of blade. KOPA is modeled after the federal Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, which gives firearms owners the protection to pass through all jurisdictions with guns that are legal where they live.”t1435_1.jpg

“As an outdoorsman and hunter, I know that knives are an essential tool for sport and various occupations. The right to carry a hunting knife or pocketknife while traveling should be protected, even if you pass through a city or state that isn’t knife friendly,” U.S. Senator Enzi said. “I’m proud to be working with the AKTI and their members on this bill, and I appreciate all their work on behalf of knife owners across America. With their help, we can put an end to the charges, fines and arrests that happen to people lawfully traveling across state lines for carrying what is legal in most parts of the country.”

See for links to AKTI’s position paper on the need for this legislation, as well as the full text of the S. 1955 bill.



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