BLADE® Reader Addresses Made-In-The-USA Debate

I am a long-time subscriber—I think from volume one, number one—but have never, until now, been motivated to write. However, the “Web Chatter” section in the January “Readers Respond” of BLADE® magazine prompted my letter. With all due respect to Mr. Doug Metzger, not everyone shares his defeatist attitude. His statement, “American consumers will never pay the prices for a knife made in the USA,” amazes me.

    I favor Case (made in Bradford, Pennsylvania) and Queen (Titusville, Pennsylvania) knives and have quite a few of each. If I am clearing brush around the property, I use a Woodman’s Pal (Boyertown, Pennsylvania). I might take a break from brush clearing and light up with a Zippo lighter (Bradford, Pennsylvania), then haul the brush away in a Jackson Trailer Cart (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) behind my made-in-the-USA Craftsman tractor. After a hard day’s work, I might hop—more likely crawl—into my F-150 (Ford didn’t take a stimulus handout) and go buy some Yuengling beer (Pottsville, Pennsylvania). Sometimes people even notice my made-in-the-USA N.R.A. cap. If it starts to rain, I know the beer will stay dry thanks to my Jeraco truck cap (Williamsport, Pennsylvania).

    Well, guess I’ll get in the F-150 and go to the hardware store. They have a neat Case I just have to buy.

Dale Wunsche, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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