how to give someone a knife

The Best Way to Hand Someone a Knife

Here's the only way to safely hand off a knife with an exposed blade. It's simple, and you'll look like a knife pro every time you do it.

Buy the Best EDC Knife for the Money

Read this before you buy your next EDC knife.
Integral art knives

Are Integral Knives Stronger Than Standard Knives?

Are integral knives - knives made from one piece of metal - the strongest type of knife? Two knifemakers offer their surprising answers.

Knives 101: What Is A Puukko Knife?

Puukko is Finnish for “knife.” It is deeply rooted in Scandinavian countries where the knife is both tool and art form.

Tony Bose, Mel Pardue Inducted To BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall Of Fame®

Knifemakers Tony Bose and Mel Pardue are the latest inductees into the BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall Of Fame®. It is the highest honor in knifemaking.

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