Best Blade Steels Unleash The Sharp

Best Blade Steels Unleash The Sharp
Best blades, latest handle materials and more of what it takes to make the hottest knife are in the new BLADE 2018 Complete Knife Guide, on newsstands now!
Best blade steels and Damasteel
Forging some of the best blade steels is something with which Damasteel of Soderfors, Sweden, is well acquainted.
Best blade steels and Puma
The best blade steels combined with the best blade shapes can cut wonders. Puma’s SGB Buffalo Hunter comes in a recurve blade of 1.4116 stainless steel.
Raffir fossil mammoth
Raffir fossil mammoth ivory comprises the handle of Danish knifemaker Tommy Astrup’s mosaic damascus fixed blade.
Best blade steels in BLADE Guide
The best blade steels, latest handle materials and more of what it takes to make the hottest knife are in the new BLADE 2018 Complete Knife Guide, on newsstands now!

The best blade steels, latest handle materials, blade shapes, knifemaking suppliers and most everything else it takes to make a knife the sharpest it can be populate the BLADE 2018 Complete Knife Guide, on newsstands now!

What’s the best knife steel for one application can be a disaster for another. However, there exists a happy medium where a maker and an end-user get as many general bennies from the steel as  possible. Dave Rhea examines the phenomenon in detail and considers some of today’s best cutting materials in his story, “Keys To The Best Blade Steels.”

Based in Hadsten, Denmark, Raffir offers an array of the most beautiful and durable synthetics yet in its range of fossil, wood and other materials. In Raffir Mammoth Tooth in particular, the cracks and abrasions that handle companies have to fill and re-fill during finishing operations with standard mammoth tooth are reduced by 80 to 90 percent. The material is most pleasing to the eye as well. Get a handle on the latest gripping stuff in “Most Beautiful Synthetics Ever?” by yours truly and Mike Haskew’s “What’s Your Handle?”

The “S”-shaped recurve blade has the rear of the cutting edge, or belly, curving inward toward the spine in a continuous curve from the point. Though most recurves have similar looks, subtle design differences mean that each knife has a distinct feel and performance. David W. Jung outlines some of the leading performers of the genre in “The Inside Edge.”

There is a wealth of knifemaking suppliers providing just what the knife doctor ordered, whether it be the best in handle materials, steels, specialized forging equipment, or the tools that make the sparks fly. Daniel Jackson reacquaints you with some of the best of the lot in “Go-To Guys of Sharp.”

There’s much more in the Complete Knife Guide, including the most comprehensive listing of factory knife companies and other professionals in the industry, a sneak peek at the coolest knife debuts for 2018, the brightest flashlight knives, three fun-to-build knife kits, the latest in beer knives and much more.

Jantz Supply and Ken Jantz
Ken Jantz of Jantz Supply works on a prototype for a new hollow-grinding fixture in the Jantz Shop in Davis, Oklahoma.

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