Enjoy A Dozen Years of the KNIVES Annual Book!


Really, an even dozen? Yes, and you’ll love this eBook collection if:

  • You are a custom knifemaker searching for examples of fine knives
  • You love knives of every shape, size and purpose
  • You enjoy a wide collection of photographs and informative captions of handmade, custom knives

T7354The KNIVES 2004 to 2015 Digital Download Collection in eBook format includes:

Unparalleled writing, incredible photography, irreplaceable resources – KNIVES is the most trusted and cherished annual in the industry. And now more than a decade’s worth of this iconic journal is available in one place, the KNIVES 2004 to 2015 Digital Download Collection. This collection boasts the top names in the field, putting their top-notch reporting and storytelling at your fingertips. And it is filled with vivid color photos of some of the hottest knives that have been produced.

It doesn’t matter your passion when it comes to knives, this collection has you covered. There are in-depth looks at some of the top knifemakers from around the world and how they’ve impacted the field. Articles covering the latest factory knives and how they are being used – whether folders or kitchen knives. And the art knives will leave your jaw slacked with impressive wire work, gobs of gold inlay and the beauty of scrimshaw, engraving and sculpting. Truly, this collection expands your knife knowledge and your knife library, but won’t take up a single shelf.

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