Fox News analyst S.E. Cupp (at right in accompanying photo), who will appear on the Don Imus Show tomorrow morning on the Fox Business Channel, is a huge supporter of veterans and wounded veterans. She recently attended a hunting trip for wounded veterans coordinated by Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member Ken Onion (left in accompanying photo) and others. In the process, Cupp got elbow deep dressing out a bear and also learned how to throw knives made by Bobby Branton.

“I donated a set of throwing knives to Ken Onion to keep them busy between hunts,” Branton stated. “Ken said that they threw them 15 hours a day for three days. He sent a picture of S.E. Cupp throwing and he has video, too. He said she caught on quick and turned out to be a good thrower. I’m proud everyone enjoyed my knives.”

Thanks to Onion, Branton and others, the wounded vets had a great time, and Cupp was exposed to the world of custom knives—good news on all fronts.

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