Hunter’s Edge: 2 Sharpeners and Sharpening eBook


    Keep your hunting knife sharp and ready to perform in the field with two great sharpeners and a sharpening eBook from ShopBlade.

    One of the more unusual and ingenious sharpeners is the Spyderco Duckfoot diamond sharpening system. Sporting various shapes for sharpening different edges, the Duckfoot includes:

    •A 1”x 5” flat diamond stone;

    •A surface with a large radius for sharpening plain edges and a small radius for serrations;


    •Three grooves, including a wide radius channel for de-burring and a narrow radius channel for honing fish hooks, etc.;

    •Includes a suede leather carry case and an instructional DVD.

    ShopBlade’s price: $43.96, a 20 percent savings. For more info click on (You had better hurry on this one because Spyderco has discontinued the Duckfoot.)

    A great pocket sharpener for field touch-ups of plain-edge blades is GATCO’s Military Compact Sharpener (MCS). All it takes is a few strokes on the compact sharpener’s replaceable tungsten carbide blades set for a 40-degree angle and your knife is ready to cut. Size: 2.75” x 1.06” x .30”. Weight: 1.5 ounces.

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    ShopBlade’s price: $12, a 20 percent savings. For more info click on

    If you need help on how to sharpen, check out our eBook,  “Sharpen A Knife & Care For A Collection.” The digital guide outlines:

    •Sharpening stones;

    •Freehand sharpening;

    •Sharpening systems;

    •Sharpening oils/lubricants and other sharpening accessories;

    •How to choose the right sharpener for your knife, and more.

    ShopBlade’s price: $4.19. For more info click on

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