Kickin’ Up a Couple Fixed Blades Colt Style


When Mickey Yurco set out to fashion a pair of 440C fixed blades with colt-style pistol grips, even the accomplished knifemaker couldn’t have foreseen how sweet the twosome would turn out to be. With wooden handle slabs and gold-colored Colt logo shields, they are shaped like the grips of a .45 ACP Colt Pistol.

And they qualify as Editor’s Favorites From the Knives 2013¬†book.

The clip-point blades, one with a steeper clip than the other, sport integral finger guards and full, thick-to-the-butt tangs. These are hefty little fixed blades meant for use and accompaniment, no doubt, for a favored Colt pistol. Terrill Hoffman took the photo.

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