Novelist Carries BLADE Show Knife

A known author of thriller novels, Brad Thor was recently interviewed by on what knife and gear he carries on a daily basis. Thor is an American novelist, whose works include several New York Times Best Sellers. He’s just finished his newest book, Code of Conduct, and took some time to share his everyday carry inspired by his many military- and spy-themed thrillers.S3312

Thor enthusiastically related that he carries a CRKT Otanashi noh Ken folder, designed by James Williams, which happened to be a 2015 BLADE Show limited-edition knife (sold out). As Thor noted about the Otanashi noh Ken during the interview, “Simply put, one of the most badass folding knives on the planet. Tons of SpecOps members carry James Williams’ blades. Based on centuries-old Samurai designs, nothing on the market beats it. I carry it because men whose lives depend on their tools, also carry it.”

Thor said that he also carries a Kobold Phantom Chronograph, a Gerber Shard keychain tool, a Fisher Spacer Pen and a Field Notes Pitch Black Edition (both for taking notes–he is an author!), a Streamlight PT1L, Leatherman-style PS multi-tool, an Apple iPhone 6 and a Magpul Field Case iPhone 6 cover.

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