BLADE Show Updates Exhibitor Layout

BLADE Show Updates Exhibitor Layout
The BLADE Show updates exhibitor layout to improve the overall show experience. (PointSeven image)

The BLADE Show‘s new exhibitor layout is designed to improve the overall show experience for the thousands of patrons who will attend and the close to 750 exhibitors who will display the industry’s finest knives and knife accessories.

BLADE Show layout change designed to improve overall show experience. (PointSeven photo)
The new BLADE Show exhibitor layout is designed to improve the overall show experience. (PointSeven image)

The world’s largest knife show is set for June 6-8 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta.

In the past, the rows of exhibitor tables were dissected by lines of factory booths in some areas, making it somewhat difficult to pick up where you left off from the previous table row. It also presented a somewhat choppy look to the overall setup.

When you walk into the show hall this coming June, a new layout will greet you. Instead of being dissected in some areas by lines of factory booths, the exhibitor tables will be in the right-hand portion of the show hall and most of the factory booths will be in the left-hand portion. There will be no lines of factory booths dissecting the rows of tables. As in the past, there also will be factory booths along the walls of the entire hall. According to one exhibitor, the change should make it so show patrons are not so overwhelmed by the visual challenge of negotiating the large number of exhibitor tables and booths.

As a consequence of the changes, the booths have been renumbered from last year.

Looking from right to left, exhibitors’ tables will be divided in the usual fashion: Antique, American Bladesmith Society, the Knifemakers’ Guild and Handmade. The collector displays will continue to be in the right-hand back portion of the show hall. The Stage and Demo Areas will be in the back center of the hall. The Knife-Of-The-Year® Display will be in the middle of the floor starting where the booths are.

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