First Look: Bear OPS Unveils the Double Clutch IV

First Look: Bear OPS Unveils the Double Clutch IV

Bear OPS introduces the 4 ½” Double Clutch IV. An out-the-front automatic engineered to meet the demands of EDC carry.

Bear OPS has been on a roll in 2024 with a couple of drops early this year. However, its most recent introduction is perhaps its most intriguing, if for no other reason than it’s an automatic—and those are always interesting. Especially when it’s a pocket-friendly OTF, such as the Double Clutch IV, priced right to make it a viable EDC option you won’t be afraid to scratch the paint on.

Don’t get me wrong, the $290 price tag is still steep for many, but measured against the rest of the out-the-front market the knife comes in competitively priced. And Bear OPS hasn’t skimped in making a fairly rough-and-tumble option. Particularly opting for good ol’ D2 steel for the Double Clutch IV’s 2.5-inch blade and aircraft-grade aluminum for the handle. For those not in the know, D2 is a long-used knife material—a high-carbon tool steel, with both good wear resistance and toughness, as well as respectable corrosion resistance. Arguably there are new options with better qualities, but D2 still holds its place.

As to the blade profile, Bear OPS offers two options, tanto and drop point. In both cases, the blades are straight-edged but have some nice points that accentuate each design. The drop point boasts a wide belly, giving it plenty of slicing surface. While the tanto has a fairly sharp, but abbreviated tip, which should make it a puncturing pro.

Double Clutch IV Drop Point

The Double Clutch IV’s action has a crisp deployment, facilitated by an understated—yet functional—thumb slide. It’s just about the right size for the small knife, not protruding so much as to cause an errant fire, but prominent enough that you won’t fumble to get the knife into action.

The knife boasts aluminum milled handles that not only enhance its toughness but also contribute to its ergonomic design. With grip ridges for added traction, these handles provide a comfortable and secure grip in any situation, ensuring optimal control even when wearing gloves.

Despite its robust construction, the Double Clutch IV remains remarkably concealable, seamlessly integrating into your everyday carry apparel. Whether tucked away in a pocket, duty belt, or plate carrier, this knife remains discreet yet readily accessible, ready to defend and protect at a moment’s notice. And at a scant 3.3 ounces, it won’t bog you down.

Oh yeah, it also comes outfitted with a pocket clip for tip-down carry and a lanyard hole, a slick feature that might help get the knife into the fray.

Double Clutch IV Specs
Blade Styles:
Tanto, Drop Point
Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
Handle Material: Aircraft Aluminum w/grip ridges
Rockwell: 59-61
Closed Length: 4 1/2″
Edge: 2-1/2″
Weight: 3.3 oz.
Extras: Automatic, Pocket Clip provides for Tip-Down Carry, Lanyard Hole
MSRP: $290

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