Fans of Forged in Fire, Check Out BLADE Magazine

Fans of the hit TV show Forged in Fire: Check out BLADE!

Forged in Fire is a hit show on the History Channel where expert knifemakers compete to win bladesmithing challenges. If you’re a fan of the show or are curious about knifemaking, you’ve come to the right spot. Since 1973, BLADE has supported the knifemaking and knife collecting community through its monthly magazine, its annual Knives book and the annual Blade Show in Atlanta.

The knife community is full of great people who share a passion for the craft of knives. Here’s how you can take your interest in Forged in Fire even further.

Read About Forged in Fire in BLADE and

Check out these articles about Forged in Fire from BLADE:

Attend the 2016 Blade Show and Take a Class from a Forged in Fire Judge

J. Neilson
Take a class from a Forged in Fire judge at the 2016 Blade Show.

Learn what it takes to appear on Forged in Fire from ABS master smith J. Neilson, one of the judges from the hit TV show, live and in-person this June at the 2016 Blade Show. Click here for more information.

The Blade Show is the world’s foremost knife show, taking place June 3-5, 2016, in Atlanta. Learn more about the show and buy tickets here.




Read About Custom Knifemakers in Knives 2016

Forged in Fire Book Knives BLADEThe annual Knives book, published by BLADE and Krause Publications, is the book to see and be seen in the world of custom knifemaking. Read about how knives are made, view gorgeous full-color photos of the planet’s best custom knives and get in touch with directly with your favorite smiths in the renowned custom knifemaking directory.

Pick up the latest edition, Knives 2016, directly from the publisher for a smokin’ hot deal.

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Many of the knifemakers featured on Forged in Fire got their start by showcasing their work in the pages of BLADE magazine. Stay up to speed with the latest in knife design, technology, laws, events and news with a subscription to BLADE magazine. Print and digital editions are available.

Learn About How Knives are Made

50 dollar knife shop forged in fireIf you’re new to knives, you likely have many questions about the way knives are made and maintained. Here are a few good places to start from BLADE:

Hear from a BLADE Author and Forged in Fire Contestant

Murray Carter wrote two books for BLADE (101 Knife Designs and Bladesmithing with Murray Carter) and appeared on Forged in Fire. Here are his thoughts on the competition.

Pick Up Some Gear to Start Your Collection

This 18-pocket roll from BLADE offers a convenient yet secure way to store your knives.
This 18-pocket roll from BLADE offers a convenient yet secure way to store your knives.

BLADE‘s official store,, carries a variety of knives and accessories to help you start and maintain your knife collection. Here are some recommendations:

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