Forged In Fire Renewed For 2nd Season

Forged In Fire Renewed For 2nd Season
Forged In Fire has been renewed for a second season.
Second season for Forged In Fire.
Forged In Fire has been renewed for a second season. (Miller Mobley/HISTORY)

Forged In Fire, The History Channel’s hit summer reality TV show featuring bladesmiths who compete to see who can forge the best knife, has been renewed for a second season, Cynopsis Media reports.

According to Cynopsis, “History’s Forged In Fire will be back for a sophomore season. The show, which averaged 1.6 total million viewers in Live+7 delivery, follows the most talented bladesmiths as they create weapons from the Japanese katana to the medieval broadsword.”

The stars of Forged In Fire include a panel of three judges—ABS master smith J. Neilson, ancient weapons authority David Baker and martial artist/knife user Doug Marcaida—and host Wil Willis, along with the many competing bladesmiths.

While the show had been sending out casting calls for bladesmiths for a new season, there had been no formal confirmation of its renewal until the official announcement by Cynopsis. Whether there will be any changes in the show’s format, when the new season will begin, etc., is unknown at this time.

In a nutshell, Forged In Fire consists of four bladesmiths—different ones each episode—who compete to see who can make the best knife. In the first round each smith has roughly three hours to design and make in the show’s shop/forge a rough-forged knife of his choice according to the specs and with materials determined by the judges. The three smiths of the four the judges deem to have made the best rough knives advance to the next round, in which they must make and attach the handles and finish their knives. Of the three remaining smiths, the two who make the best knives in the judges’ estimation advance to the finals, in which they have five days in their home forges to make a knife, sword, axe or other cutting tool in a design of the judges’ choosing. The smith who makes the best piece in the judges’ estimation wins $10,000.

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