1st-Ever Women’s Cutting Competition Set

1st-Ever Women’s Cutting Competition Set
Jantz Supply's Shanna Kemp receives instruction from two-time BLADE Show World Championship Cutting Competition titlist Gary Bond.
Shanna Kemp and Gary Bond.
Jantz Supply’s Shanna Kemp receives instruction from two-time BLADE Show World Championship Cutting Competition titlist Gary Bond.

The first-ever women’s division in a BladeSports International Cutting Competition was conducted Saturday, Sept. 19, at Jantz Supply in Davis, Oklahoma.

“BladeSports has long talked about the possibility of a women’s division in our sport,” noted Donavon Phillips, executive director of BladeSports International (BSI). “We are past the possibility now. It has arrived.”

The BladeSports International (BSI)-sanctioned event, which ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., also included a men’s competition. Competitors ran an obstacle course including cutting 2x4s, rope, water-filled plastic bottles, a straw lengthwise and slicing rolling tennis balls.

Though women have competed in the men’s division before—including the first-ever female qualifier for the BLADE Show World Championship, Jessica Elias, won for an unprecedented third straight time by Dan Keffeler this past June in Atlanta—the event marked the first time women have had a BSI division all to themselves.

“Knives have long been considered the tool of choice for men but more and more women are not only carrying knives regularly for protection and general use, but are now joining the ranks of men who compete in competitive knife events,” noted Ken Jantz, founder and CEO of Jantz Supply.

On Aug. 15, Jantz Supply hosted a training session in which four women and nine men became certified to compete in BSI events. A total of seven women have national BSI certification. The top competitors at both events earned points toward qualifying for next year’s national competition to be held in the spring in Dallas, Texas, and the BLADE Show World Championship in Atlanta June 4.

Jantz Supply has been in business for over 30 years and manufactures and supplies knife blanks, knifemaking components and tools. For more information visit www.knifemaking.com.

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