Forged In Fire at BLADE University


Do you have what it takes to appear on Forged In Fire? Learn if you do from ABS master smith J. Neilson, one of the judges on History channel’s hit TV show, in his BLADE University class on what the program’s officials look for in bladesmithing contestants.

Held in conjunction with the 35th annual BLADE Show at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, the third annual BLADE University begins the day before the BLADE Show, June 2, and runs through show Saturday, June 4. The BLADE Show will be June 3-5.BladeU

ABS master smith J. Neilson—here testing a blade on History™ channel’s Forged In Fire—will give tips on how to be chosen to appear on the hit TV show in his special class at BLADE University. (Miller Mobley/HISTORY)

Having begun its second season Feb. 9, Forged In Fire (page 84, December BLADE) pits bladesmiths against each other to see who can make the best knife in a limited  amount of time, with the winner of each episode earning a $10,000 first prize. Last year’s FIF included such well-known forgers as ABS master smiths Murray Carter, Ray Kirk and J.D. Smith, David Goldberg, Peter Martin, ABS journeyman smith Mace Vitale and others, as well as many relatively unknown bladesmiths.

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