Forged In Fire, Season Two Premieres!

Forged In Fire, Season Two Premieres!

According to a new History™ Channel video trailer and television commercial, Season 2 of Forged In Fire premieres on February 9th at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST. All-new participants/bladesmiths are ready to forge edged tools and weapons, so tune in to History Channel and see for yourself.FIF_PR_Stunts_05062015_MM_0551 copy

ABS master smith J. Neilson tests a blade on History Channel’s Forged In Fire(Miller Mobley/HISTORY image)

Forged In Fire (page 84, December BLADE) pits bladesmiths against each other to see who can make the best knife in a limited  amount of time, with the winner of each episode earning a $10,000 first prize. Last year’s FIF included such well-known forgers as ABS master smiths Murray Carter, Ray Kirk and J.D. Smith, David Goldberg, Peter Martin, ABS journeyman smith Mace Vitale and others, as well as many relatively unknown bladesmiths.

The combination of having to complete knives in a set time limit along with the other contestants before television cameras and over a million viewers makes for a great pressure environment and high drama. As a result, some of the smiths struggle to perform at their best. See the December 2015 issue of BLADE to find out more.



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