Best Damascus Pocketknives: 5 Stylish Factory Options

Best Damascus Pocketknives: 5 Stylish Factory Options

Damascus Pocketknives That Wow From Around The World.

Yes, some steels are of higher quality than others, but nothing is as eye-catching as a well-made damascus knife. And now, thanks to contemporary forging techniques, there are just as many high-quality damascus pocketknives as there are kitchen knives, daggers, and swords.

What Is Damascus Steel

Also called pattern-welded steel, damascus steel is made from forging multiple types of steel together. This can create different kinds of patterns in the finished product once the construction is complete.

Traditionally, damascus steel was created to imbue a sword with a desired blend of toughness and hardness. While cutlery is still forged this way for that purpose, today many damascus blades are made for the cosmetic look that comes from the acid etching or polishing done when the blade is complete.

You’ll see many damascus knives today constructed from the core of one type of steel and multiple layers of different steels on either side of it.

While the actual origin of the term “damascus steel” is unknown, many have connected it to the Syrian capital of Damascus and swords made or sold in the city in ancient times. Another theory is that the term is derived from the Arabic word “damas” which means watered, which describes the wave-like pattern that many blades can have. 

Best Damascus Pocketknives

Boker Tiger-Damast

You know what you’re getting when you purchase a knife from Boker. Its legendary maker for a reason, and the Tiger lives up to its lofty standard. An elite collector’s knife, the Tiger is made from German tank parts from a tank destroyed in a battle in Latvia in 1944. 

The non-stainless blade is made in the intrepid pattern by maker Chad Nichols. The handle scales are a burlap micarta design to echo the look of German armored vehicles of the era. This is the dream of any knife lover interested in military history.

MSRP: $719

Spyderco Delica 4

A damascus version of one of Spyderco’s most famous blades, the Delica 4 is a beauty. The damascus blade/titanium handle combo gives the piece a futuristic look and feel.

The blade itself is made from a VG-10 stainless core with 15 layers of forged-welded damascus on either side. The machined titanium handle gives the whole piece a ridiculous amount of strength and durability. Spyderco is a beloved brand for a reason, and this version of the Delica 4 keeps the good times rolling.

MSRP: $304.50

The James Brand Duval

The Duval is the first front-flipped knife from The James Brand, an Oregon-based company founded in 2012. The frame lock makes for easy opening and sturdy use of the Damasteel Rose DS93X blade.

The material is made of 100 total layers of a pair of different types of steel. It becomes stainless once heat treated and has excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention.

This modified sheepsfoot blade is married to a handle made from Rosewood, and the whole thing weighs just 2 ounces. The hardware is all stainless and the ball bearings are ceramic. This piece is built to last and last a long time.

For a company’s first foray into front-flipping knives, James Brand has knocked it out of the park.

MSRP: $399

Kansept Knives Convict

This knife from Kansept Knives, a Chinese maker, stands out in numerous ways. For starters, it features a sheepsfoot blade, a less common blade types. Designed by Chris Conaway and Sheepdog Knives, the Convict is a light, nimble knife that can easily handle the job of an EDC.

The titanium handle is as light and strong as you would expect, and the stonewashed finish lets the damascus pattern shine through. While it may not be sexy, the ceramic ball bearings not only let the knife flip open smoothly and will never rust so it’ll open smoothly for decades.

MSRP: $203

Rike Knife Humminging Mini Flipper

The smallest knife on our list is from Rike, but it packs a wallop of a punch. 

The Hummingbird Mini is just 3.75 inches in total length and has a 1.5-inch blade. The Damasteel drop point flips open easily, and the titanium handle helps keep the whole construction to just .6 ounces.

This is an excellent keychain or neck knife. It even comes with a Kydex sheath designed to be worn on a lanyard for this purpose. Sure, it’s the smallest and least-expensive knife on our list, but it does everything you would want from an EDC. The fact that it won’t break the bank is another feather in the cap for this knife from the Chinese maker.

MSRP: $129.95

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