Enter The Knife I Carry Feature… Win A Free Knife

Enter The Knife I Carry Feature… Win A Free Knife

Here’s your shot to show off your prized carry knife to the world!

What’s better than carrying a knife? Showing the world exactly what knife you carry. Now, this little act of gratification might earn you—what else—a new knife.

Show us your carry knife—be it slip joint, fixed-blade, or whatever—for our The Knife I Carry feature in BLADE® Magazine. The monthly feature focuses on knife enthusiasts who carry knives but who do not have the wherewithal to make their own. We’re looking for the folks who comb through the knifemakers, knife companies and knife retailers to find the gem they always have at hand. You know, your everyday, average knife nut.

Here’s the best part, if you enter a picture of your knife and a short writeup and we publish it, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free knife! Brag up your present blade and possibly add a new one to the collection, what could be better? Just follow the instructions below to potentially become part of the “World’s No. 1 Knife Publication” and be entered to win a free knife.

Don’t be shy, show us the knife you carry!

How To Submit Your Blade For The Knife I Carry Feature:

  • Compose a short write-up about the knife you carry, with a little history or an anecdote about it.
  • Include a photograph—at least 600 KB but no larger than 2 MB—of you holding your knife.
  • Send both to steve@blademag.com and include your physical address (this is for the knife drawing and will not be published).

Selected submissions will be published in an upcoming “The Knife I Carry.” If selected for publication, we will enter your name in a drawing to win a free knife, which will take place on November 15, 2023.

The Knife I Carry Examples

Knife I Carry

“My name is John Schwanke. My daughter, Eden, got me this knife for Father’s Day 2018. There are no identifying marks as to who made it, but on the slab scale it reads, ‘Best Dad Ever.’ The damascus blade is beautiful and I cherish and carry it every day. It walks and talks, is a flipper folder and of the highest quality you can imagine.”
John and Eden Schwanke,
Danbury, Connecticut

I carry a knife Vietnam Vet

“My tour of duty in Vietnam was from April 4, 1967, to April 4, 1968. My constant companion was my Camillus ‘k-bar.’ I left the country at the end of the 1968 Tet Offensive and brought my knife home with me. It continued to serve me well for several more years. It meant so much to me and had become like a trusted friend. It was always there to do whatever job was asked of it. One day I got to thinking, what if I lose it or break it after all this time? So, I reluctantly retired my knife, scabbard and stone. It now has a front-row seat in my showcase of mementos. It has a date stamped on the buttcap: 1-1967. Money can’t buy it. I know this is supposed to be about a knife I carry now and not an old relic, but I just had to tell you about my ‘old friend.’ I did carry it many, many years. I’m 76 years old.”
Danny L. Scott,
Tiptonville, Tennessee

I carry a knife

“My EDC has a blade of .220-inch-thick Spectrumwear steel and was hand made in California. I designed the knife ground up. Originally, I wanted a chopper. However, I wanted it to also have a dagger tip profile. Matt Freeman did an amazing job and had my knife done in under two weeks. He is the first maker I worked with who would email me pictures of the knife’s progress without me asking. He jokingly said it was the hardest blade to grind out, reason being it has four edges. He laid out the knife almost like a Roman gladius. I then angled the main edge to make it longer and then shortened the top edge. After that, Matt worked out the size and handle. The knife is just over 8 inches with a handmade leather sheath. We decided an old finish would look nice, so he Parkerized it, then gun blued it to protect against rust.”
Caleb Hoskins,
a letter via e-mail

Knife I Carry Vet

“The knife I carry into the woods each fall is my beloved Case fixed blade. She’s showing her age and has been passed down for three generations. Dad inherited her from my grandfather and then when Dad passed away in 1996 she was handed to me. Though I can’t tell exactly how old she is, I know she is well over 55 because that’s my age. For all I know the knife may be close to 100. She has been well used and processed more wild game over the years than I can count. She’s a true testament to Case quality and reliability. So many wonderful memories come to mind each time I draw this knife.”
Stacey Roberts,
Bridgewater, Vermont

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  1. Tie Vote fm Me the Viet Vet & pic of man w/his boys since he has my dream blade A CRKT fossil knife. Great contest wish I could enter but no smate fone or dig camera have I ;( !


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