Featured Knife: Mako Folder by MacGray & Co.

Best folding knives featured BLADE magazine
Best folding knives featured BLADE magazine
In addition to being a fine example of a modern folder, the Mako Folder from MacGray & Co. is made in the U.S. from domestic materials.


  • Company: MacGray & Co.
  • Knife: Mako Folder
  • Designer: MacGray & Co.
  • Length: 8 1/2 inches
  • Blade: CPM 154, saber grind, modified drop point design
  • Lock: Titanium Liner Lock
  • Handle: Black Micarta Handle
  • Ambidextrous thumbscrew
  • Stainless steel variable clip

An All-American Knife

The MacGray & Co. Mako Folder knife is made in San Marcos, California, with quality materials from small American suppliers. The frame is milled from Grade 5 titanium for an excellent combination of strength, weight reduction and corrosion resistance.

The Mako sports a tried and true locking liner, which is self-adjusting to wear and prevents the blade from closing on the user’s hand as it grasps durable Micarta or G-10 handles.

The Steel: Two Great Choices

The blade is ground from your choice of two steels.

D2 is a high carbon, high chromium steel that offers excellent resistance to wear and abrasion, holding an edge very well. It is often referred to as “semi-stainless” due to its high resistance to corrosion.

The other option, CPM-154 stainless steel, is created in a process that produces a uniform distribution of the carbides. This provides material consistency, greater resistance to breakage and toughness. It’s an excellent stainless steel with high wear resistance.

The Blade: Strong and Sturdy

The satin-finished blade has a sabre grind for additional strength and sturdiness. MacGray & Co. harden, cryo-quench and temper blades in house.

No Detail Left Untouched

The Mako sports a stainless steel, .25-inch pivot with a bronze pivot bushing. It features a stainless steel pocket clip, hardware and ambidextrous thumb screw.

A Lifetime Guarantee

Each MacGray & Co. knife is made by three guys who love what they do. It’s no surprise that they stand behind their work with a lifetime guarantee and are committed to giving the highest level of service to knife enthusiasts.

Where to Get This Knife

The Mako Folder from MacGray and Co. is available here and ready to be added to your knife collection. Don’t miss it!

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