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125+ layers of 1095 carbon steel and 15N20 Nickel steel
Handle Material: STAG / BROWN MICARTA

As the creative force behind Oz Custom Knives, Jim Ort made a name for himself with his signature 1095 carbon and 15N20 nickel damascus blades. From tip to pommel, his fixed blade knives offer a classic look that recalls a time when no one left home without a knife. Ort puts his own twist on these timeless favorites by working in modern materials to offer the performance and curb appeal 21st century collectors crave.

Originally hailing from northern Wisconsin, Ort moved into full-time knifemaking in 1996 after retiring to Arizona. In addition to knives, Ort is also an accomplished sheathmaker.

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Find more of Ort’s creations at Oz Custom Knives, visit Copper State Cutlery. For direct inquiries, e-mail Ort at ort [at] cox [dot] net.

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