First Look: Spyderco Webfoot Sharpener

First Look: Spyderco Webfoot Sharpener

This New Sharpener From Spyderco May Revolutionize Portable Knife Sharpeners Thanks To A State-Of-The-Art Superabrasive.

Coming soon from Spyderco is the Webfoot Sharpener. Small and compact, the Webfoot may turn the knife sharpening world on its head thanks to its construction.

The sharpener is made from a single piece of carbon steel coated in Cubic Boron Nitride which is a state-of-the-art superabrasive second in hardness to only diamond. The CBN coating can sharpen without oil, water, electricity, or any clamps or stabilizing devices. And it can all easily fit in your pocket.

Place the Webfoot on a flat surface and rock it side-to-side to align the outer edges for a perfect 40-degree angle, ideal for utility knives. When it’s on its side, the sharpener gives a perfect 12.5-degree edge, perfect for shears and scissors of all types. 

Yes it’s small, but the Webfoot contains 15 square inches of surface coated in abrasive, giving you multiple angles to sharpen whatever blade needs a once over, including those with a serrated edge. The included suede pouch acts both as a handy carrying case and a non-slip work surface when needed.

MSRP: $85.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Mike Ableson.

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