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Best Gentleman Knife: Top Lookers And Doers (2023)

The best gentleman knife is thoughtfully executed and is up to any task. We pick the top options in the classy corner of the knife world.

First Look: Spyderco Endela Wharncliffe K390

The new Endela Wharncliffe K390 from Spyderco is the newest in the Endela line and uses a distinctive blade design and state-of-the-art tool steel to stand out.

Best Budget EDC Blades: Excellent Economical Options

The white whale for many a knife owner is a high-quality EDC at an affordable price. This quartet of knives are great pieces at great prices.
Spiderco Webfoot Sharpener

First Look: Spyderco Webfoot Sharpener

This new sharpener from Spyderco may revolutionize portable knife sharpeners thanks to a state-of-the-art superabrasive.

Best Knife Case Options To Protect Your Investment [2022]

The 10 best knife cases come in a variety of designs. Some are rolls, some are pouches, and some are tough, rigid boxes. No matter the style, there will be a knife case for you.

8 Affordable, Cool, And Compact Keychain Knives [2022]

Keychain knives provide utility and protection in a compact package. There are many quality keychain knives at affordable prices.

Spyderco Yojimbo 2: Fantastic Straightedge Folder

Now in its second iterations, the Yojimbo 2 nails exactly what a straightedge folder should be.

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