Talon EDC Tactical Knife: Blazing Fast to Deploy


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A simple, minimalist concept with great cutting power in a compact, discreet package.

The new Talon tactical knife is extremely quick to access and easier to retain in a struggle or emergency situation than any other knife design.

Smart Design

Talon - Photo 1The unique custom-fitted Talon can be deployed without impacting the normal use of your hand. With a 1.75-inch blade crafted from X45CrMoV15 steel and Rockwell hardened to 59-60RC, the Talon knife comes in five different handle sizes designed to fit the personal dimensions of your hand. It is quickly accessible under stress and almost impossible to drop once deployed. Weighing in at just over 1 ounce, its small size and ultra-light weight ensures that you will never be without a tactical edge. Because its unique design leaves both your fingers free while deployed, normal activities such as carrying items, driving, climbing, pushing or pulling as well as tactical actions such as reloading, grappling or striking are all possible with the Talon knife in hand.

Fast Deployment

In virtually any situation, you can deploy your Talon EDC knife and continue the normal functions of your hands: using a flashlight, opening doors, using a cell phone, carrying bags or a purse, climbing, pushing, pulling, striking, driving, bicycling, reloading a firearm, swimming. Combined with the included Kydex™ sheath and aggressive clip system, the Talon can be carried or worn with just about any type of clothing in a huge number of carry options.

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