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Best Push Dagger: Background And Buyer’s Guide (2024)

For Self-Defense or just for some collection swagger, nothing beats the formidable push dagger.

Return Of The Tactical Fixed Blade

It's never disappeared, but the tactical fixed blade has long been overshadowed by other knives. Now it's back in a big way.

Marine Vet’s Knife Memorializes the Ultimate Sacrifice of His Iraq Comrades

1 Knife for the Lima Company 11 BY MIKE HASKEW BLADE® FIELD EDITOR *This article originally appeared in BLADE Magazine Winter 2013 The bond of brotherhood, sacrifice,...

Jerry Hossom makes a Navy-themed set for Capt. Ryan Heilman of the USS Nevada

Submariner Steel Jerry Hossom makes a Navy-themed set for Capt. Ryan Heilman of the USS Nevada Jerry Hossom had that twinkle in his eye again and...

A Smokable Pipe Tomahawk?

Since 21-year-old Jarrod Fiscus won with an axe in his appearance on Forged in Fire and also participates in frontier rendezvous events, it seems...
Winkler tactical knife

What Exactly is a Tactical Knife?

There is no set definition for a tactical knife, but there a few characteristics to keep in mind. Here are key tactical knife features and a brief history.

SOG Knives Refreshes in 2020

THE AWARD-WINNING FACTORY KNIFE COMPANY UNDERGOES A BRAND REFRESH IN 2020 The year was 1986. The Soviet Union hosted its first Goodwill Games. Halley’s Comet...

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