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What’s Hot in Custom Tactical Folders

Custom knife purveyor Les Robertson hot listed the SD-2 by John W. Smith with a titanium bolster and lightning-strike handle at $550. Smith’s list...

SOG Twitch II Helps Save The Day

    A SOG Twitch II assisted-opening knife helped save the day in a recent car accident. Zachary Taylor was the passenger in a car...

Knife Test: Jason Brous Silent Soldier

Neck knives have a place in the world of sharp. They might be small but they sure are handy. Ever try and get to...

Grab Ya’ Some Ontario/Ranger RD Tanto!

     The American-made Ranger RD Tanto by Ontario Knife Co. (OKC) is designed by retired U.S. Army Ranger Justin Gingrich to be a tough...

James McGowan Custom Tacticals

A look at several of James McGowan's beautiful and functional fixed blade knives.

What is the best all purpose tactical knife?

This thread is excerpted from a previous version of blademag.com. It's presented here again for reference. Feel free to leave your responses below. I am...