A SOG Twitch II assisted-opening knife helped save the day in a recent car accident. Zachary Taylor was the passenger in a car driven by his fiance when it spun out of control while avoiding a large animal in the road.The passenger side hit two trees and Taylor’s right leg was pinned under the dash.

     As Taylor recounts the incident, “My right arm was pinned because the impact swung it up under me, but I used my left hand to retrieve the Twitch II knife from my pocket, opened it with one finger, and cut the seat belt. I then used it to cut away my pants leg that hung up under the dash. If I would’ve not been able to get out of the car, we would still be sitting there as no one was around us, we were way off down the embankment, the cell phone was busted, the front lights had busted out, it was really cold and we were wet from an exploded cooler.”

     You can read the whole story, including photos of the car, at http://on.fb.me/xWdPOI

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