What’s Hot? Knives With Asian Flair!


In a fascinating feature article written by Mike Haskew in the October 2015 issue of BLADEĀ®, the point is driven home that the Asian influence is ever present in the knife industry. As Haskew notes, “From tanto-inspired blades to the temper lines, fittings and finishes that are hallmarks of the Eastern look and feel, the new designs keep coming.”Cover01 UC3010_flip KC4021_4

From Columbia River Knife & Tool’s Asian-influenced collaborations with Lucas Burnley, to knives with Eastern flair from CAS Iberia, United UC3010_flipCutlery and Condor Tool & Knife, Haskew covers a lot of ground … all the way to East Asia. See the October 2015 issue of BLADE for the full story.

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