Medford Knife Moves For $100,000

Medford Knife's big seller at its Nov. 26 virtual show. Photo: Medford Knife

Medford Knife listed a rendition of its flagship model for $100,000 last week and moved it out the door!

Truth be known, knives fetching six figures isn’t out of the ordinary. Typically, they’re the work of some semi-mad forging genius, who’s slaved away on his creation for months, if not years, and adorned it with the finest gold, a unique design and blood, sweat and tears. Yeah, these are the blades that get every mouth-watering and collectors scrambling for their wallets. Less common, a production knifemaker’ blade fetching such princely sums. However, this is exactly what Medford Knife did with a rather spectacular rendition of its famous Praetorian.

An intriguing rendition of Medford's flagship model, only one made.
An intriguing rendition of Medford’s flagship model, only one made. Photo: Medford Knife

Dubbed the #1 Praetorian TITAN OAK, the vibrant and exclusive version of the company’s flagship model. And on Black Friday, the folder was purchased for an impressive $100,000, an amount Geoff Oprandy, head of Medford business operations, confirm.

“Yes, $100k USD,” he said via email.

Apparently, it didn’t take long for the Praetorian to find its new owner. Oprandy said the timeline for the company’s virtual show Nov. 26 was a bit foggy, but it moved soon after it was listed.

The knife is certainly eye-catching with its colorful hand-sculpted Timascus handle and dark Damascus blade. And yes, it’s made of and includes top-end components—titanium pivot barrel, Timascus M signature clip and Lucite Safe and ZERO Halliburton presentation case. But those perhaps weren’t the driving factors in the Praetorian drawing top dollar. The knife’s description sheds some light:

The entire knife required new tooling and unique hardware as well as extensive engineering and prototype-free development. There is ONE of these knives in existence. We only had material for a single try and if it went South it would have delayed the knife for another year.

Weighing in a more than 1 pound, Medford’s top-end offering is beefy. Photo: Medford Knife

One thing can be said, if you purchased the #1 Praetorian TITAN OAK you wouldn’t have to worry about running into someone else with the same one. That’s certainly enough to motivate many buyers. What say you, would you have dropped that sort of coin to add the TITAN OAK to your collection?

The knife's Timascus handle and Damascus tanto blade are eye-catching
The knife’s Timascus handle and Damascus tanto blade are eye-catching. Photo: Medford Knife
Photo: Medford Knife
The #1 Praetorian TITAN OAK in all its glory. Photo: Medford Knife

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