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Warenski King Tut Dagger For Sale

Perhaps the most iconic handmade knife ever can be yours for the right price.

First Look: Kershaw Lucha Carbon Fiber

Kershaw steps up its balisong game with the introduction of the lightweight Lucha Carbon Fiber.
The Frog Knife by Jon Christensen is a San Francisco-style dress bowie with a back story. “I had seen the Poppy Knife that Michael Price made and thought I would do my version,” he related. “I took the knife to the BLADE Show, and it didn’t find its owner. Then, the handle got ruined, and I just took the opportunity to rehandle it with the frogs and lily pads.” Overall length: 10 inches. (SharpByCoop image)

Modern Period Knife: A Link To The Past And Present

Blending old and new, the modern period knife brings history alive in masterpieces.

Cool Custom: Payne’s Gal Leg Is Sharp And Sexy

Travis Payne’s knife has all the right curves in all the right places
The D2 tool steel blade of Bob Dozier’s Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner boasts a deep belly and a high grind designed for optimum cutting performance.

Review: Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner

Bob Dozier's Bare Bones Buffalo Skinner is sharp—and comfy, too!

U.S. Made Military Knives And Makers

American muscle is alive and well and these four U.S.-based companies prove it, making military knives stateside.
Very popular in his home country of Slovakia, Jan Hafinec outfits his custom utility hunter in a 5-inch blade of forged C105 carbon steel sporting a flashy double hamon. Handle: presentation desert ironwood. Guard and sub hilt: stainless steel. Overall length: 10 inches. Sheath: by the maker and of leather. Maker’s price for a similar knife: $699. (Impress By Design image)

Custom Utility Hunters: Defining What Makes One The Best

When it comes to custom knives, the best utility hunters have many of the features outlined herein.

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