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Robert Appleby used red, black, white, and dark blue fiber spacers for the Sambar stag handle of his Loveless repro.

Dropped Hunter: The Classic Goes Stag

Robert Appleby nails a Loveless dropped hunter in crown stag.
“For fine and detail tasks, the paring knife can’t be beat,” TOPS spokesperson Jeremiah Heffelfinger advised. “It affords more control for tasks like peeling and trimming meat, fruit or vegetables.” Enter the TOPS Dicer 3.

Paring Knife: 4 Top Kitchen Tools

The Paring knife is there when you need it most, from big tasks to small. Here are options for every type of user.
Some of the latest in kitchen knife sharpeners, clockwise from left: A.G. Russell Field Sharpener, Work Sharp Culinary E5, Camillus Extreme Edge V2 Knife & Shear Sharpener, and Smith's Products Slide Sharp Edge Grip 4 Slot Sharpener.

Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener: 8 Sharp Options

Correct sharpener selection is imperative for keen household cutlery. Here are four kitchen knife sharpener options that make the cut.
This is the chute knife stamped “AP-003” that Bob Loveless and Steve Johnson made for Harry Archer in the early 1970s. “AP” stands for Archer Prototype.

Chute Knife: Full-Spectrum Warrior

A fine example of a tool and weapon of war, the chute knife more than rose to fulfill the roles for which it was intended.
Four utilitarian factory fixed blades in 1095 carbon steel, from left: Condor Tool & Knife Bush Slicer Sidekick, Becker/KA-BAR BK18 Harpoon, TOPS Knives 3 Pointer and ESEE Knives 4HM.

Best High-Carbon Steel Knife Options

Looking for a tough and ready option for EDC? Here are 4 of the best high-carbon steel knife options out there.
Inside one of the scales of Scott Topper’s Shrike reads: “This Shrike was born in October of 2019 with a blade of cryo treated 63 HRC AEB-L. The core and mechanism are 416ss with Teflon impregnated acetal lockbars actuated by 302ss springs, caged in a Richlite armor bound by hardened 305ss rings.” (SharpByCoop image)

Knife Profile: Shrike Out Hits A Home Run

Scott Topper’s off-the-charts out-the-front is a multi-part marvel, the Shrike Out, brings an artistic twist to the automatic.
Three different styles of pouch sheaths by Kenny Rowe, from left: regular pouch, plain leather; strap pouch, floral hand carved; and full flap pouch, full coverage gator.

Hunting Knife Sheath: Choosing The Right One

Expert craftsmen give insight on how to find the best hunting knife sheath for the best protection, performance and look.

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