Collector Adam Jacobs (right) had wanted a John Young (left) sub-chute knife for quite some, and his wait came to an end at the recent Plaza Cutlery Knife Show.


“I am an avid collector and huge BLADE® fan,” Jacobs noted. “My friend, Steven Garsson, got me into collecting knives in 2004, and since then I have been fortunate to acquire many pieces by some of the greats.  My favorite fixed blades are made by John Young, and, in 2005, I asked John to make me a custom sub-chute.  He made the knife this year and I took delivery on it at the Plaza show.


“It is one of only six knives total in existence with John’s rare signature logo. I humbly feel it is a pretty impressive piece and wanted to share it with you. Hiro Soga photographed the knife.


“John really enjoyed the challenge of this piece,” Jacobs continued. “I intentionally asked him to be creative and work outside his normal Loveless patterns and constraints.


“I wanted an amber-stag-handled melding of a chute blade with a sub-hilt handle, but with John’s own unique talent and vision—you don’t tell DaVinci how to paint. I think collectors and the art of knifemaking is well served when we encourage brilliant makers like John Young to do something new!”


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