Cool Custom: Harvey Dean And Turnbull Restoration Set

Cool Custom: Harvey Dean And Turnbull Restoration Set
Harvey Dean’s coffin-handle damascus dagger and the restored Colt 1873M Peacemaker and Winchester 1873 lever-action rifle from Turnbull Restoration Co. make a winsome threesome.

Master smith Harvey Dean teams up with Turnbull Restoration Company to produce a throwback set made to droll over.

An 1873 knife/restored-pistol-and-rifle set collaboration from ABS master smith Harvey Dean and Turnbull Restoration Co. is sure to set the knife-and-gun collector world on fire.

Custom Knife Handle
The 24k-gold arrow inlay on the spine of the damascus handle frame is in the style of famed 19th-century pistol engraver L.D. Nimschke. The XIT is a repro of an old cattle brand.

In a spinoff of Harvey’s Olympus dagger design, the 9-inch blade is his thunderstorm damascus. It’s complemented by a guard based on an antique one Harvey modified a bit to resemble a cloud that ties in with the thunderstorm theme. He picked the coffin handle because it was a design popular circa 1873. The damascus cross features a 14k-gold pin, as does the balance of the walrus ivory handle, and 24k-gold inlay. The handle frame is 42 layers of twist damascus to tie in with the fact that Harvey is the 42nd U.S. ABS master smith.

Gold inlay knife guard
The guard is based on a modification of an antique one. The 24k-gold inlay is by Harvey Dean, as is all the knife engraving. Fittingly, Harvey inlaid the damascus cross with 24k-gold inlay on Good Friday last. The pins are 14k gold.

The restored pistol and rifle pair are part of a 150th anniversary set by Turnbull Restoration Co. The pistol is a Colt M1873 Peacemaker 1907Model P Single Action Army. Some of the most famous outlaws and lawmen of the Old West carried original examples of the handgun, including Billy The Kid, Jesse James, Butch Cassidy, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. The rifle is a Winchester Model 1873 lever action from 1904. Originals of which also were extremely popular in the Old West, it was the go-to for market hunters, cowboys and stagecoach drivers through the remainder of the 19th century and into the 20th.

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