EDC Knife Review: Boker Plus Gemini NGA Coyote

EDC Knife Review
The Boker Plus Gemini NGA Coyote offers extra heft as an EDC knife. (Boker image)
EDC Knife Review
The Boker Plus Gemini NGA Coyote offers extra heft as an EDC knife. (Boker image)

Tough Like a Gorilla

EDC knife reviewThe Boker Plus Gemini NGA Coyote carries tip down, which I prefer because it places your thumb on the blade opener without requiring a shift of grip. The clip was strong and secure, even in athletic pants, and positioned just enough of the handle to protrude above the belt line to allow a secure grip with no fumbling or shifting required. The handle has a slightly tacky feel with checkering on the sides of the scales.

The assisted opener flings the blade strongly from the handle with a slight touch on the opening stud. Make sure you have a firm grasp on this one before pushing the stud. The linerlock was solid.

The knife balances perfectly right at the index finger, which makes it seem light in hand and makes for ease of use.

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EDC knife review
If you like your EDC knives to pack bite, the Boker Plus Gemini NGA Coyote is a great choice. (Mary Lou Ayres photo)

The Verdict

The Gemini is a well-made knife and the one I would choose if I had to cut up a garage full of cardboard.

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