When it comes to knives, an array of products sits ready to address the issues of protection and maintenance. Depending on personal preference you have your choice of paste waxes, aerosols, oils and cloths to get the job done. Price points vary widely as well.3in1Drip

Tracy Mickley of Midwest Knife Supply suggests the old reliable 3-In-One Oil or another petroleum-based product called Nano-Oil. The 3-In-One Oil sells for about $3 in a 4-ounce applicator container.

“There are hundreds of different things out there,” remarked Tracy Mickley, owner of Midwest Knife Supply in North Mankato, Minnesota. “Many of them are very good, including carrying cases that are protective and sometimes fleece lined. They are inexpensive at $5 to $20 depending on the size.”


To keep a folding knife working properly, Mickley suggests … To read the rest of the story, Click here, or see the March 2016 issue of BLADE® Magazine


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