Photos: 4 Creative Knife Sheaths

custom creative knife sheaths

Knife sheaths usually don’t get a lot of press. However, occasionally some particularly interesting developments in the area necessitate attention. While it may seem a rather mundane topic to expound on how to get your knife from here to there in a manner other than carrying it in your pocket or hand, there are some vehicles of transport that require notice.

Derick Kemper’s Sailor’s Delight

Derick Kemper’s Sailor’s Delight rigging set incorporates 30 individual pieces into a sheath outfit that makes mobile a rigging knife, including a marlinspike with individual sheaths for each, all harnessed together on a free-swinging swivel system. 

custom creative knife sheaths
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custom knife sheath

Smith & Wesson Bullseye Combo Sheath

The Smith & Wesson Bullseye Combo sheath holds two tools as one unit and orients them in opposite directions. This offers full purchase of each handle without interference of the other, and doesn’t take up as much space by having the axe handle hang down on your leg. Blade steel: 420 stainless. MSRP: $54.96

Smith Wesson knife sheath


smith & wesson gut hook combo
The sheath, knife and axe come as a set.


Benchmade 10 Rescue Hook Boltaron Sheath

The shape of the Benchmade 10 Rescue Hook’s Boltaron sheath is a symmetrical polygon, allowing it to cradle and engage the detent from either a left- or right-side mounting. By designing the sheath to allow multiple mounting positions, it increases the versatility of how the tool can be accessed. MSRP for the knife and sheath: $75.

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Benchmade Rescue knife sheath

benchmade 10 rescue sheath

Brian Tighe Fighters Sheaths

Brian Tighe matches the carbon fiber handles of his Tighe Fighters with a carbon-fiber pattern with the accompanying sheaths.

brian tighe fighter custom knife

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