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Before you can answer the question of what the most popular knives are among the U.S. military in Afghanistan, you must first answer such questions as: What are the knives used for? Which knives do the job and are the best buys for the money? Which knives are most available? There are other questions, but these are good starting points.

According to those interviewed, knives are used mostly for cutting boxes, tape, rope and 550 cord, small-gauge metal wire, prying things open, cutting the clothes of fellow soldiers to administer to wounds, and so on. “[I used a knife in combat] the last time I was deployed, but to cut open mortar ‘tootsie-roll’ cartridge carriers, not to disembowel the enemy,” one soldier observed. “The occasions where a knife is used to directly defend against or attack the enemy are notable in that they are the exception instead of the rule.”

“[Knives] are used literally every mission for combat-related tasks such as prepping vehicles, aircraft, fighting positions, flex cuffs, etc.,” one veteran said. Meanwhile, though it is not exactly a common occurrence, Curtis Iovito of Spartan Blades indicated knives are used in hand-to-hand combat more in Afghanistan than you might think.

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