canada knife ban

Knife News Wire 2/27/18 – Canada Knife Ban Impacts First Responders

Canada's ban on folding knives is being felt not only by knife enthusiasts, but by first responders as well.

Knife News Wire 2/21/18 – New York Gravity Knife Laws Scrutinized in HBO Show

New York's generous definition of what qualifies as an illegal gravity knife lands thousands of otherwise law-abiding New Yorkers in hot water each year.
documentary knife skills

Knife News Wire 2/16/18 – Knife Movie Nominated for Oscar Award

"Knife Skills," a documentary, was nominated for a 2018 Oscar award.

Knife News Wire 2/14/18 – Bear & Son Cutlery Plans Expansion

Bear & Son Cutlery will expand its Jacksonville, Alabama, facility to meet customer demand.
alien outfitters knives

Knife News Wire 2/13/18 – Instagram Photos Land Knife Retailer in International Hot Water

Alien Outfitters, an online knife retailer, came under fire for posting photos on Instagram of concealable knives. The knives were legal in the retailer's home country, but not elsewhere.
Jim Sargent

Jim Sargent, Renowned Knife Retailer, Passes Away

Jim Sargent, long-time antique pocketknife dealer and knife retailer, passed away on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018.
Herman Schneider knifemaker

Herman Schneider, Custom Knifemaking Pioneer, Passes Away

Herman Schneider, one of the most talented of the pioneering custom knifemakers of the 1970s and beyond, passed away Jan. 26. He was 87.