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Midweek Maker Military-Style: Randy Madan

Randy Madan, known as JR on social media, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1992 to 1996 as a combat engineer. “I blew things up,” he said, laughing. Now, at 43, he has been a federal correctional worker for 20 years.

Randy Madan makes knives part-time under the Patriot Horde Knives name.
Randy Madan of Patriot Horde Knives hopes to be able to keep making knives when he retires from his job in the federal correctional system. Randy is supportive and encouraging of other veteran makers.

He always loved and carried knives, but he got his start in knifemaking in October 2016. “The knifemaker that I idolize, Michael Cleveland from Half Lives Knives, afforded me the opportunity to join a knife build-off for a veteran charity. Me being a vet myself, I jumped at the opportunity,” he explained. He has continued to make knives and to encourage other veteran makers.

Randy Madan of Patriot Horde Knives served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1992 to 1996 as a combat engineer.

“I am just a small-time maker, wanting to perfect my knives so that when I retire in a couple of years I can make more,” he said. Other makers who have helped along the way include John Savage, Ryan Schreiber, Denny Furey and Mark Wagoner.

DaCleva has a 4-inch flat-ground blade made of 1095 steel with an acid-washed finish for a battle-worn look. Overall length is 9 inches. Scales are by Norman Robbins at 8th Dimension Concepts. Maker’s list price: $250 with Kydex sheath; $325 with leather.
The Lil Chubby drop-point is 8 inches overall, with a 3.5-inch flat-ground blade made with random pattern Alabama Damascus Steel from Lacy Smith. The handle scales are from Norm Robbins from 8th Dimension Concepts. Maker’s list price: $300 with sheath. In 1095 steel at $200. Contacts listed at the bottom of this article.

Randy uses All Star Abrasives in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, for his abrasive supplies, which is what he puts to his hybrid scales to bring out their color.

Contact Randy Madan at, 760-885-9370 on Facebook at Patriot Horde Knives and on Instagram @the_patriot_horde.

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