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Best everyday carry knives

A Few Great Everyday Carry Knives

Looking for the best everyday carry knives? Here are a few EDC picks worth checking out.

What’s Hot in Custom Tactical Folders

Custom knife purveyor Les Robertson hot listed the SD-2 by John W. Smith with a titanium bolster and lightning-strike handle at $550. Smith’s list...

Hottest EDC Knives

Dave Stark of Steel Addiction Knives said Tom Krein’s Alpha folders are among the hottest of custom EDC knives. These two Alphas are both...

How to Make a Basic EDC Knife – From Start to Finish

by Wayne Goddard The One-Brick Forge The one-brick forge I created started out with one brick and proved to be incredibly useful. As I learned more...

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Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

  by Wayne Goddard My experience has taught me that there's nothing like digging in and getting started. I've often said the hardest part of the...
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How to Forge Damascus