A Few Great Everyday Carry Knives

Best everyday carry knives

Best everyday carry knives

No. 1 for knife enthusiast Nick Morgan is the Chris Reeve Sebenza. “The tolerances are so much better on Chris Reeve knives than any other production knives, and you’ll find just about perfect fit and finish on every model. I love the blade and handle shapes, and the plain, simple looks are beautiful,” he said.

The Spyderco Sage2 is second on Morgan’s list. “I love the deep-carry wire clip—for my money the best clip in the industry,” he stated. “The profile of the titanium Sage2 is thinner than the carbon fiber Sage1, so using and carrying it is noticeably nicer.”

Morgan said the Benchmade 940 is a blast to play with due to the AXIS lock. “It’s super easy to open and close, and it’s fast!” he emphasized. “The reverse tanto blade shape is my favorite. For cutting, whittling and stabbing, it’s strong, sharp and great looking. It’s the best knife to sit in front of the TV and flip open/closed hundreds of times.”

Next on Morgan’s list is the DPx HEST 2.0, “a knife that can survive heavy-duty use day after day. I love the functional blade shape and, at 3.25 inches, it’s big enough for 99 percent of my cutting tasks while not being too big that it scares people when I use it in public. It locks up solidly like the Sebenza and I love the extra features—bottle opener, wire stripper and glass breaker/skull crusher, the latter which is really nicely executed. My favorite feature is the bayonet clip—it buries so deep in the pocket that nobody suspects I’ve got a knife on me.”

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Last on Morgan’s list is what he terms the “best-bang-for-the-buck” knife: the Large Buck Vantage Pro. “It has a great blade and handle shape, I love the flipper, it has top quality blade steel [CPM S30V] and handle material, an excellent deep-carry bayonet clip, it’s USA made and has a nice, slim profile. Best of all,” he added, “it’s less than half the cost of every other knife on my list.”

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