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Smith's Sharpener and Knife Tool

10 Family Gift Knives Sport Holiday Spirit

Whether it's blood relatives or your inner circle of friends, all of them need family gift knives. Here are 10 examples of some really...

New Knives From Ruger/CRKT

New knives from Ruger/CRKT are designed by a select group of award-winning custom knifemakers and come in a selection of different sizes and materials.
Latest BLADE on newsstands.

Worldwide Knife Phenomenon of BLADE®

The worldwide knife phenomenon portrayed in the latest issue of BLADE® Magazine covers both the custom and factory segments of the sharpest of industries.
Emerson Knives Inc., Spectrum.

BLADE Show: Knife Debuts Rule!

The BLADE Show had what may be the most factory knife debuts ever. Check out eight of the hottest of the hot that graced the Cobb Galleria.
Forged tacticals in new BLADE!

Forged Tacticals Heat Up in New BLADE®

Forged tactical fixed blades are trending as a new niche market. Find out why, which ones are hot and much more in the new BLADE, on newsstands NOW!