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Puma Celebrates Anniversary w/Limited Edition Knives

German knife manufacturer, PUMA, was founded in 1769 by Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung in the town of Solingen, where it still resides today. Over the centuries, PUMA has produced many great and legendary knives, none more so than the White Hunter.

Spyderco Knives Featured In Denver Post

Did you know that, in addition to knives, Spyderco also manufactures carbon fiber sailboats?

Bicyclist Knife Sharpener

He is practicing a Spanish tradition that is slowly disappearing. Antonio is an afilador, which translates into English as a knife sharpener. He thinks he is one of only five left in the whole of Madrid.

Kitchen Knife Set for Scrooges and Exes

Just in time for the holidays comes THE EX Kitchen Knife Set—2nd Edition by Raffaele Iannello.

Multi Tool Knives?

I'm curious if BladeMag.com readers and BLADE® Magazine subscribers have ever seen knives quite like young custom knifemaker Logan Pearce's fixed blades fashioned from actual hand tools?

Emerson Knives, Inc., Holds Charity Auction

On Saturday, December 7th, 2013, Emerson Knives, Inc., will hold a charity auction for "The Patriot Knife George Washington Collection," with all proceeds donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Forging A Future For Orphans

A recent mission trip to Uganda demonstrated not only the skill of a knifemaker, but also his ability to forge a future for orphans and at-risk youth from the village of Bamba.