Forging A Future For Orphans

Forging A Future For Orphans

Sometimes a story reaches the mainstream media that actually makes one proud to be in the knife industry. The following was reported by the Archdale-Trinity News, Archdale, North Carolina, on November 13, 2013:

“A recent mission trip to Uganda demonstrated not only the skill of a knifemaker, but also his ability to forge a future for orphans and at-risk youth from the village of Bamba. George Icard, who owns and operates GI Custom Knives, lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with his wife Katie. He returned from his 10-day trip Oct. 16.”bamba forge

“The trip came about through his association with fellow knife maker Tim Troyer of Sugarcreek, Ohio, also a director and founder with The Reckoning International. The nonprofit provides individuals struggling with chronic poverty with the opportunity to work, grow and thrive and to be generous in return.”

“When Troyer invited him to accompany him on a trip to Bamba, Uganda, to teach knifemaking skills, Icard jumped at the chance. Journeyman knifemaker Jesse Hemphill of Fyffe, Alabama, also traveled with them.”

“The small village of Bamba is in central Africa, just west of Kenya.”

“Ugandan youth face difficult circumstances such as widespread HIV or AIDS, child trafficking, sexual abuse and poor facilities. In Uganda, orphans and widows face a cultural prejudice which makes it difficult or impossible to get a high-paying job regardless of their education level.”

“‘Bamba Forge did not come into existence until The Reckoning International stepped in,’ said Icard. ‘The Reckoning provided the initial capital to purchase the equipment and basic materials to get Bamba Forge started.'”

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