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Best Hunting Knife Kits: Process Your Game With Ease

A versatile hunting knife kit will make dressing and butchering kills far easier than trying to make a single knife work. Whether large or small game, a good hunting knife kit is a must.
Gut hook hunting knives

Unzip ‘Em: Best Gut Hook Hunting Knives

Hunting knives with gut hooks can be a convenient way to field dress large game. James Morgan Ayres reviews and ranks four gut hook hunting knives here.

First Look: Hogue Extrak

Hogue's newest fixed blade is visually spectacular and ridiculously light. Part of the company's new line of hunters, the Extrak does far more than asked of it.
Sheathmaker Chris Kravitt prefers a pouch sheath “because it is easier to draw and resheathe the knife without worrying about straps.” His belt model includes some fancy carving. (Chris Kravitt image)

Hunting Knife Sheaths: The Constant Companion

The correct sheath is pivotal to the complete hunting knife package. A good sheath can keep your knives safe and sharp for decades.
Very popular in his home country of Slovakia, Jan Hafinec outfits his custom utility hunter in a five-inch blade of forged C105 carbon steel sporting a flashy double hamon. Handle: presentation desert iron wood. Guard and subhilt: stainless steel. Overall length: 10 inches. Sheath: by the maker and of leather. Maker’s price for a similar knife: $699. (Impress by Design image)

Right Tool For The Job

Knowing what makes a knife the best choice for the right type of game is important and can be the difference between a successful hunt and a poor one.

We Review 4 Drop Point Knives Priced $74-$450

VERY FEW BLADE PATTERNS SHARE THE STYLE AND GRACE OF THE DROP POINT. Ever since BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame® member Bob Loveless popularized the drop-point...
Jon Waltz makes a spear-point skinner that doubles as an everyday carry.

Knifemakers Offer 20 Examples of 5 Types Of Skinners

Depending on where you live and by what method you hunt, deer season is underway. There are any number of blade patterns you could...

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